How We Work



So, you need an image and you need it now?


That’s where All Visuals comes in.


Whether you need a sketch, storyboard, illustration, 3D modelling, architectural imaging, motion graphics or an audio visual presentation we can design and create the job you want – on time and on budget.


The Creative Process


Getting In Touch


You call All Visuals, or use the contact form to email us about what it is that you need. We’d love to receive a written brief or fully detailed documentation for your project but understand that your time is precious. You may prefer simply to tell us what you have in mind, the end result that’s required and when.
Either way we can give you a general idea on pricing for the type of job you’re thinking of and make constructive suggestions on how best to achieve your project goals. If you’re not exactly sure of the best approach given your budget and timeframe, we may have a range of questions to ask at that point. This helps us better to understand your requirements fully – not just for today but for the future as well.


Quotation & Initial Approval


Once your project requirements are fully defined, we will forward you a written quotation outlining the specific details. For new clients and larger projects, our quotation will include a deposit amount or retainer. We’ll get underway with creating your artwork or audio visual production as soon as your quotation approval and/or retainer is received.


At the earliest opportunity, you will receive a digital file of the preliminary pencil outline (2D artwork) or a video storyboard (audio visual productions). This is where your feedback is most important – so we know how best to create an outcome that fulfills or exceeds your expectations.


Final Approval


Following your response, any adjustments or minor amendments will be executed and returned promptly in preparation for the production of finished artwork or video. This is where you provide final approval to enable delivery of your project in a timely manner.




Should your project specifications change after we have received final approval, or should you wish to change your mind for any reason during the final art or video stage; we will advise you of the hourly rate and time applicable to such changes before they are made. This allows you to keep a full overview on both the project budget and deadline.






Upon completion, your artwork or audio visual production will be supplied in the appropriate file format/s for print, web, a-v presentation or television output as required. This is where you get to enjoy the results of our creative energy and professional expertise and take your project to a whole new level.


Terms of Payment


Our standard terms are for payment within 7 Days from receipt of invoice unless stipulated otherwise by prior arrangement.


All Visuals